You & Me
Repeating movie night with your boo over and over again? You & Me is a date suggestion app for the couple running out of activities to do with one another. Using your location, You & Me will make a range of free to paid activity suggestions in your local area. Couples who dread going out will find countless stay-at-home suggestions in the You & Me catalog.
Date: 2019
UX Design
UI Design
Icon Design
I did one version of pencil sketches for both platforms followed by medium-fidelity wireframes for iPhone and Android.
When addressing the visual and functional design of You & Me, I created a few tenets to follow. Less is more, soft and smile. My target was building a design that felt breathy, fun and soft to the touch. I wrote copy to be light and conversational. All to bring a smile to the user’s face. The core challenge was designing an aesthetic that worked following both iPhone and Androids design guidelines.
I wanted users to be excited by the possibilities You & Me had to offer so I chose orange for its joyfulness, associations to general wellness and emotional energy. The creamy off white hue is a relaxing neutral option to help the app feel cozy.
Vidaloka is a beautiful type with fun quirky serifs that fit right at home with You & Me’s visual design. It also plays nice with Android and iPhone’s native font families which was a must-have.
Android and iPhone system icons were used for app navigation and utilities. Some buttons and illustrations were designed by myself. When it came to the category art, I wanted to combine simple graphic shapes with color gradients to give shape.
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