Jack Mullins - UI/UX Designer
I'm a professional designer who specializes in User Interface design and UX design. Over the past four years, I've been dedicated to helping clients bring their concepts to life through elegant and user-friendly designs that captivate their target audience. My thoughtful approach considers the user and the clients objectives at every pixel. I care about the details, and how a product functions across every viewport. I like interactive prototyping, and building responsive UI with figma’s smart layouts.
Before technology, I spent 10 years in Film and Television production. From coordinating large budget productions, to directing my own short films, I've developed essential skills in understanding and communicating a project's needs and requirements. 
Today, my passion lies in simplifying complex challenges and transforming them into intuitive, visually stunning solutions. It's important they look impressive but also offer exceptional usability.
If you have a potential project, or want to talk design, don't hesitate click the button below.
🍳📚🎲📷🌧🏔 P.S. I love to cook. Bon Appetite is my favorite culinary magazine. I love to read but never have time. I love board games, and try to design my own (major emphasis on "try"). I enjoy taking photos more than I do editing them iStock profile. I love when it rains, and the mountains are cloudy.
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