Unconditional Freedom
Unconditional Freedom is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating life-changing programs to support the homeless community and prison system. What they wanted was a redesign of their flagship website, and I was honored to assist them. While the navigation and content remained unchanged, this project was essentially a rebrand. The previous design utilized beige tones over textured backgrounds with an auburn hue accent, which aimed to convey their grassroots efforts. Collaborating closely with the client, I proposed a design that allowed the text and images to take center stage. We opted for a primary white background, which provided the necessary contrast to showcase their color images and compelling text. To evoke a sense of virtue, I chose the Spectral serif typeface for the content. Sharp corners were used for buttons, images, and graphics to symbolize the resilience required for their impactful work. Lastly, they selected a beautiful bold yellow color to use as design accents and primary CTAs, which added a powerful and vibrant touch to their new website. The result was a visually striking and emotionally impactful website that effectively conveyed their core message of restoring dignity to humans in need.
Date: 2022
Responsive Web Design, UI Design